Mentor-Mentee Program

Mentors and mentees at Bonding Over Burgers at Joe’s Brewery on February 11th.

Mentors and mentees at Bonding Over Burgers at Joe’s Brewery on February 11th.

It is no doubt that our chapter of American Advertising Federation has a lot to offer its members. One of the standout programs is our Mentor/Mentee program, where AAF pairs a returning member to a new member with similar interests.

Alec Kuznitsky, a senior majoring in Communication and Spanish, has benefited from the mentor program as both a mentor and a mentee. Alec stated that his mentor taught him to let his “passion glisten.” Inspired by his mentor, Alec is now a mentor himself and he wants to be an “amicable presence” for his mentee, and “help them feel included and cared for in our wonderful organization.”

Building relationships is incredibly important in the advertising industry. AAF Illinois makes sure mentees and mentors can build their relationships in and out of the organization. Recently, AAF hosted a Bonding Over Burgers event at a local restaurant on campus for students involved in the Mentor/Mentee program. Alec stated Bonding Over Burgers was his favorite event. The burgers may have been half-price, but watching mentees and mentors grow through their relationships is priceless.

The AAF Illinois Mentor/Mentee program is a “cycle that keeps on giving,” according to Alec. Our chapter fosters an environment where there is a place for everyone and a place where a helping hand is always available. Alec’s -- and arguably everyone’s -- favorite part of mentor program is that you get to see members “craft their own story.”

Being part of AAF at Illinois and the Mentor/Mentee program is the best way to write your own pages and help color in the pages of your peers. We are all part of the bigger picture.

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