About Us

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Home to the largest advertising student chapter in the nation.

Welcome to the American Advertising Federation at the University of Illinois! 

Home to the largest student chapter in the nation, the American Advertising Federation at Illinois seeks to equip all student members with the tools, skillsets, and knowledge to be able to make a difference in the world of advertising. The American Advertising Federation at Illinois is broken down into eight different committees, all of whom specialize in different regions of the advertising space and provide members with the opportunity to work with real clients, tour ad agencies, and gain insider knowledge in the industry. All committees are student-run.

Our Agencies

Our agencies/committees are completely run by students. Each agency VP is dedicated to crafting a mission statement that they will pursue for the upcoming school year. There are 9 committees, and each of these committees have unique specialities and serve different corners of the advertising field. From a production agency [CTRL+V] to a social marketing agency [Community Outreach] to an experimental marketing agency, all these parts of the AAF whole satisfy a plethora of real clients with extraordinary and passionate work. 

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Our Trips

A big way to interact directly with the industry is with our Advasion trips. AAF members have the opportunity every year to attend a weekend in New York City, California, and Chicago to visit the best agencies in the business. Our members get to tour the offices, discuss the roles with working professionals, engage with the best talent, and ask questions that will help further their understanding of advertising. At the end of the weekend we typically host an alumni networking event at one of the agencies or a near by restaurant. This gives our members the chance to talk with industry professionals in a relaxed setting and make genuine connections.