Member Spotlight – Aryaman Kochhar

By Cory Van Duyne

“What’s a better way to gain experience in the industry, showcase my talent or meet amazing people with whom I could build my network?”

By encountering the AAF booth table on Quad Day during his sophomore year, undeclared major Aryaman Kochhar became involved in NSAC and Pangaea, then realizing that majoring in advertising was ideal for him.

Aryaman Kochhar was born in Mumbai, India, but he was raised in a young, yet booming city with abundant opportunities called Bangalore.

This school year, Aryaman holds a copywriting position in OTH, an acronym for “On the House,” which is a creative agency that serves RSOs on campus. AAF has shaped Arayaman both personally and professionally. Either of them it being gaining experience in the advertising industry, building and strengthening his portfolio, or meeting the energetic and talented people that are passionate about what they do.

From the countless and unforgettable experiences that the club can offer, Aryaman recalls finishing NSAC’s ad campaign for Snapple and AAF’s 2015 Semi-Formal to be his favorite memories.

Apart from advertising, Aryaman enjoys drinking coffee, sketching and discovering or creating new music. He shares that his town is actually nearby to some of the largest coffee plantations in the nation. Also, he loves to sketch and work on his portfolio, for it is an outlet for his thoughts and gives him simple peace. “I’m actually trying to conceptualize a comic book that I’d like to start working on sooner than later,” he reveals.

Aryaman wishes to pursue a position in an advertising agency in the United States America following his education here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If not, he will return to India to find a job or begin graduate school.