Simply Be Original

The 2016 Adidas campaign has made huge strides in strategizing a cutting edge technique to attract more customers. Adidas has always been a popular brand. Its original purpose was to design and sell premium football cleats for the German Olympic team. Nearly 100 years later, the brand has made its way to the top as one of the most desirable brands in America. In 1974, the hit show Starsky and Hutch first premiered Adidas shoes, which then became all the rage.

Adidas is pursuing other fashion trends as well. Not only do they want to be a popular shoe brand, but they’re testing out various clothing and accessories. The new 2016 commercial features products such as their jackets, sweats and tee shirts. It also incorporates new music with a jazzy and vivacious feel. The title of the song is “Your future is not mine” by Daisy Hamel-Buffa. The message of the commercial is to urge customers to be original instead of following the crowd. The products are meant to be showcased as atypical and edgy, similar to the vibe of the commercial.

If the song and message behind the commercial didn’t say it all, then the scenes throughout the commercial will help tie the brand’s image together. The duration of the commercial entails the Adidas model walking against the flow of people in order to stand out. The message of “going your own way” is again showcased here. Moreover, colors in the commercial are dark with bursts of blues and greens creating suspense. It’s evident that Adidas’ presence in the fashion culture is becoming increasingly popular. It seems as though their common street wear is becoming a staple amongst people’s wardrobes. Stores like Urban Outfitters are carrying the brand in their stores too. With commercials like these, Adidas is sure to attract the public.

Their incorporation of unique music with a catchy tune and great message is one ploy they have successfully instilled into their ad campaign. Adidas’ message is one that has been said time and time again, yet they are taking a unique approach. Rather than stating the obvious, they are illustrating their message throughout the commercials by physically placing main actor to be an outcast. The message is simple. Be different; be original; be you.

AAF Illinois