AAF Members Learn from Professor Duff in Resume Workshop

AAF Members Learn from Professor Duff in Resume Workshop
By Jamie Kong

On Monday, November 14th, American Advertising Federation at Illinois welcomed Professor Brittany Duff to learn about resume building in the advertising industry in their annual Resume Workshop held by the RSVP committee. This is a crucial step in earning experiences as account executives, account managers, art directors, copywriters and applying for advertising agencies.

Duff served as a mentor and provided extensive details on not only building a resume, but also gave additional tips to stand out from the clutter and to mimic the train of thoughts in agencies. AAF members were able to voice their concerns and questions throughout the whole workshop.

To begin with, Duff discussed about how resumes alters the perception of a person’s characteristics and how it determines the first impression on their professionalism and work-ethic.

In regards with the design of the resume, she emphasized the importance of standing out from the clutter. She furthered her explanation on creating visual resumes and creating infographics to distinct yourself from others. Students were encouraged to be storytellers and to be innovative. 

“Why treat yourself differently than you would treat a brand?” she said Duff.

In addition, she suggested students to “think like the agency.” Reciprocal liking is considered to be one of the main factors in building a resume. Duff stressed the importance of mirroring key words and ideas that matters to the company, yet to also be subtle.

At the end of the workshop, she gave several pieces of advice in regards of preparing for an interview. She reminded us to be prepared for the unexpected, to conduct research on the agencies and to remember passion is the key to success. Duff reassured students to stay positive regardless of the results. 

“It’s advertising! Almost every experience is relevant! Advertising is all about framing,” Duff concluded.

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