Executive Board Spotlight - Bryan Casallo

By Aryaman Kochhar

Bryan has a rich and diverse background, having lived in the Philippines, Seattle and finally settling down in the vibrant city of Chicago. Currently a junior in in the Advertising department, Bryan has become an integral and beloved member of Illinois’ AAF chapter.

Once a pre-med student, Bryan left this path behind to embark on his adventure as a member of the Advertising community; since then, he never looked back. He joined the AAF family, as a sophomore through introduction via  his friend, Livia Sanders, as a sophomore. The first committee Bryan enrolled in was the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team of 25 members. He marks his experience of meeting and working with the NSAC team as his favorite memory within AAF.

“I fell in love with making cool things shit and decided I want to make cool things for the rest of my life.” Bryan’s honest statement aptly describes the executive board position that Bryan currently holds within AAF – Production Coordinator for the CTRL+V committee.

Although Bryan was hesitant to apply, as he wasn’t sure of what he wanted to pursue, he took the leap of faith, and it paid off! His duties involve overseeing and quality-checking all of the committee’s production work before it goes out to its various clients.

Bryan’s passions encompass a variety of domains including production, still motion, and pole vaulting. He co-runs a production studio in Chicago called Pogi Studios. This has provided him with invaluable real-world experience in addition to polishing his client-relation and production skills.

Bryan not only soars in the field of videography, cinematography and still motion, but also on the athletic track. As a junior in high school, he held a top 15 spot for pole vaulting within the state of Illinois.

“I want to “hopefully find a job I’m happy with,”, reveals Bryan. He believes it is imperative to be passionate about what you do in order to bring your best work to the table.

When asked what his best piece of advice would be for other AAF members, Bryan said, “be someone and run with it.”