Community Outreach


Social Marketing Agency

Mission: To be able to deliver the concentration of social marketing and provide members a further understanding of the concept, and to directly impact non-for-profit organizations on and off campus via various ways, including providing for them in any means in regards to social media and clientele outreach, volunteering, and fundraising.

Community Outreach is the organization to join if you want to make an impact on the community in several different ways. It’s the organization to learn about the field of social marketing and organizations having a sense of responsibility for people’s well-being. If you’re the type of person who is looking for ways to give back through advertising, CO is for you!

It can offer the following: being involved both physically and doing the backend work for a client. You can make a difference by helping create websites, brochures, FB posts, videos, whatever the client needs, along with volunteering and coming up with ways to help your client provide more for their audience.

 “Do a little, help a lot.”

MEETING TIME: Monday’s at 5PM, Gregory Hall 207

Janet Lee | VP

Tiarah Murry | Director


Armani Alvarado | Director

Our Work

Habitat for Humanity [UIUC Chapter] Flyer

This flyer was created for Habitat for Humanity, UIUC Chapter, one of our 5 clients who were seeking flyers and content to promote their annual Collegiate Trip Challenge. The Collegiate Trip Challenge is an opportunity for UIUC students to go out to various states and build and redevelop homes for those who may lack in resources, due to natural disasters. This ad falls in line with Community Outreach's social marketing objective.

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Trivia Night Flyer

The Trivia Night Flyer is made in order to advertise our semesterly fundraiser, typically done in order to help any given client. During the fall semester, Community Outreach dedicated ourselves to gathering students to come out to Murphy’s Pub and play Trivia, collecting an admissions fee with all proceeds going towards CU at Home - the homeless shelter located in Champaign, Urbana.

One Winter Night

Created by the CO agency, this video was done for the organization on campus dedicated to those with no homes, CU at Home.

During the coldest night in the winter, several individuals are typically homeless and continue to stay on the streets in the city of Champaign. CU at Home dedicates themselves to promoting and raising awareness about the social issue, and CO took the opportunity to create a video and interview those who came from miles away to support the cause.

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