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Community Outreach About

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Samiha Uddin | VP of Community Outreach

Samiha has always been intrigued by the idea of directly impacting people and the media industry - so she combined both of her interests into one and wants to focus on the aspect of social responsibility marketing / advertising. As VP of Community Outreach, her main tasks would be to oversee the agency that focuses on social marketing along with coming up with various projects that would lend a helping hand to the Urbana-Champaign community. She's a huge risk taking fanatic and would much rather deal with almost falling off a huge hill while hiking. Either that, or taking photos in front of abstract murals.

Our Work

Habitat for Humanity [UIUC Chapter] Flyer

This flyer was created for Habitat for Humanity, UIUC Chapter, one of our 5 clients who were seeking flyers and content to promote their annual Collegiate Trip Challenge. The Collegiate Trip Challenge is an opportunity for UIUC students to go out to various states and build and redevelop homes for those who may lack in resources, due to natural disasters. This ad falls in line with Community Outreach's social marketing objective.

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Trivia Night Flyer

The Trivia Night Flyer is made in order to advertise our semesterly fundraiser, typically done in order to help any given client. During the fall semester, Community Outreach dedicated ourselves to gathering students to come out to Murphy’s Pub and play Trivia, collecting an admissions fee with all proceeds going towards CU at Home - the homeless shelter located in Champaign, Urbana.