Member Spotlight – Courtney Donlan

By Minju Park

Courtney Donlan, a senior in advertising, is an active member of AAF, holding a strategy position on the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team.

Before arriving at the University of Illinois, Courtney attended Trinity High School in her hometown of River Forest. At the beginning of her freshman year at the University, Courtney attended Mediapalooza, where she discovered AAF.

Courtney was drawn to AAF because it seemed like “the best way to get involved and meet people in my major.” Not only this, but AAF provides opportunities throughout the school year and also benefits after graduation.

“I saw all of the cool things members had been doing during and after college, and wanted to follow in their footsteps,” said Courtney.

While Courtney enjoyed countless experiences throughout her time in AAF, she especially remembers the AdVasion trip that she went on during her freshman year. “That day, I visited fun agencies and met some really cool people,” said Courtney. “It made me fall in love with the industry and convinced me I was in the right place.”

Besides the benefits for a professional career and exciting events, Courtney has also enjoyed networking and meeting new people through AAF. “Through AAF, I have met so many amazing, impressive people both at school and in the industry,” said Courtney.

Outside of her AAF experiences, Courtney enjoys cooking, eating and catching up on pop culture.

Courtney’s plans after graduation aren’t completely set in stone, but she is sure that she wants to experience life to its fullest. “This summer I plan on traveling around Europe, and then a little traveling in California,” said Courtney.

She hopes to obtain a job in Chicago in the future, but is open to seeing how plans develop.