Member Spotlight - Evan Cassani

By Aryaman Kochhar

Evan Cassani, born and raised in Downers Grove, Illinois, is a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He transferred in from the College of DuPage and has waved the flag of orange and blue ever since.

Evan discovered AAF by word of mouth and joined during his first semester, in order to build a strong resume and get real life experience in the industry. He has been enticed by the benefits of the organization ever since, and has polished both his skills and networks in a very short period of time.

Evan actively participates in multiple committees -– RSVP, AdBuzz and CTRL+V. He has also shown his ambition for leadership. Taking initiative right off the bat, he will now be RSVP’s incoming Social Coordinator starting from Spring 2017.

AAF has a plethora of social events – both professional as well as casual. Evan has revealed that this is his favorite aspect of the organization as it has allowed him to build a strong network of peers in a variety of settings.

“Music is one of my biggest passions,” Evan said.

He’s an avid drummer with his very own drum kit on campus. He can often be found jamming with his friends in his spare time; most of whom are also experienced musicians. His other passions include relaxing on the weekends and breaking a sweat at the ARC basement.

Evan would like to see himself working for an advertising agency on the west coast of the country after graduation. He says with confidence and purpose, “I’m shooting for Cali.”

As Evan gains unforgettable memories and experiences at AAF Illinois, he is now confident about his goals, continuously aiming to spread positivity into this world as an influencer.