Member Spotlight – John Rahimi

By Minju Park

John Rahimi, an advertising major, holds a director position on the promotional team in AAF’s CTRL+V committee. Originally from Palatine, IL, John discovered AAF as a freshman from Steve Hall’s ADV 150 lecture.

After doing some research, John realized all of the opportunities that were provided by AAF, as well as the people involved who shared his common interests.

“I’ve been shooting videos since I was 11 years old,” said John. “When I watched the promo video on the website and saw that CTRL+V was an option, I knew that I needed to be a part of AAF as soon as possible.”

Compelled by his interest in shooting videos, he decided to try out CTRL+V, which gave him real experience in the field to test his skills.

“I volunteered to go film at Canopy Club with Aaron Weiss (a former member of CTRL+V) for the night,” said John. “I learned so much that night and I’m grateful for that experience because it gave me the assurance I needed to know that I was doing something I loved. It wouldn’t have been possible without AAF.”

John emphasized how all the members of AAF and CTRL+V, like Aaron, provided him support to learn in times of uncertainty.

“They make you feel like you’re a part of a big family and they are always willing to step up and help you out whenever you need something,” said John.

While John enjoys shooting for promotional and professional projects, he also holds an interest in films such as movies directed by Christopher Nolan. He spends his free time researching for behind-the-scenes work to understand the creation process.

“They are such an immersive art form, there is just something beautiful about what they do for people,” said John.

Besides film, John also holds a passion for casual photography and drawing.

After graduation, John hopes to work in a production or digital agency. Although his options on location are open, John aims to settle either in Chicago or California.

“I’d like to keep working with cameras and help people experience brands in new immersive ways,” said John.