Executive Board Spotlight – Nicolette Highland

By: Colleen Chuipek

Nicolette Highland, a senior in advertising, is the current Executive Vice President (EVP) of AAF’s Industry and Engagement. She’s in charge of planning group trips, organizing member spotlights and overseeing the Mentor/Mentee program.

Nicolette is from a small town known as Kankakee, about an hour north of Champaign. She went to high school in Herscher, which had about 600 kids total.

“Fun fact: my high school had ‘Drive Your Tractor to School Day.’ The entire parking lot was full of tractors that day. Living on a farm is the norm,” said Nicolette.

Nicolette first heard about AAF through her “big” in her sorority who was also in the organization and encouraged Nicolette to get involved. She was originally on the executive board as part of the old Member Relations committee.

Nicolette was searching for more responsibilities in the organization when she decided to apply for an EVP position, specifically her position, which fit her personality best.

AAF has not only given Nicolette the perfect opportunity to talk about real world experience in her interviews, but also made her feel apart of a smaller community on the UIUC campus.

After the stress and hard work Nicolette put into planning AAF’s annual formal, this event ended up being her favorite memory so far.

“Seeing how much fun everyone was having made everything worth it!” said Nicolette.

Outside of school, Nicolette is most passionate about her family.

“They’re so important to me and I would not be where I am today without them,” Nicolette said.

After graduation, Nicolette hopes to one day move out of Illinois and live by the water. She dreams of landing a job in research and strategy – a field that she really has a passion for.

On any advice for AAF members, Nicolette says, “Get involved. You never know all the crazy places AAF can lead you.”