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Full-Service Agency

OTH is a great opportunity for students who are new to advertising or students who are curious about advertising interested in getting experience working on real client projects. We offer a variety of creative services to clients while giving students the opportunity to develop a passion for advertising.

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Anthony (Tony) Peck | VP of OTH

Tony grew up in the remote cornfields of western Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi River and spent several years touring all over North America in an emo band. He believes that everyone has a story to tell and is passionate about helping individuals and clients tell their story in meaningful ways that connect with audiences. As Vice President of On The House, his responsibilities include overseeing agency operations, leading weekly meetings with Abby & Abbey, and facilitating a collaborative, inclusive, and engaging atmosphere for members to become passionate about advertising. If you see him without coffee, he encourages you to bring him some.

Abbey Blankensop | OTH Creative Director

As the Creative Director of On The House, Abbey is here to help underclassmen cultivate their creativity and find their direction in the Ad world. She believes that there is so much creativity in Advertising, but more importantly, beyond Advertising. She’s constantly on the search for new ways to create. It widens her perspective, that can coexist uniquely, in Advertising. This past summer, Abbey has gotten hands on in other hobbies, such as quilting, camping, horseback riding, yoga, writing, reading, and a lot of cooking. This is her mission as Creative Director. To inspire students to find any means of creativity that can be utilized as motivation in and out of Advertising.

Abby Kalsto | OTH Account Corrdinator

When Abby isn’t eating chocolate, making grilled cheese, or working out she is probably doing business stuff. Majoring in Advertising and Public Relations in her third year, Abby will be serving as the Account Coordinator for OTH. As the AC, Abby acts as the liaison and is the face of the agency to clients. Rockin the pants suit, Abby loves talking about the future and the keys to success. If you ever need a running buddy, su-chef, or fellow adventurer Abby has your back.

Our Work

OTH The Gals

Within OTH members are grouped into client teams. Each client team comes up with a name and logo design for their group. This past year one client team chose the name “The Gals” and their logo design was the minimalist logo. I thought it was a really cool idea to run with the “On The House” name and put the “OTH” letters inside of a minimalist house outline.



Women's Resources Center Promo Event Ad

The work featured for this client are flyers used to promote events sponsored or hosted by The Women’s Resources Center. They are good examples of the types of projects that most clients typically ask for.

Please contact OTHcreative.uiuc@gmail.com to learn more about how we can assist you in your branding and advertising needs.