A Multicultural Agency

We embrace the unique identities and backgrounds of the talent in our agency, the clients we create campaigns for, and the audience we empower. We strive to create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and challenged to develop powerful ideas. We ultimately would like to unite people of all backgrounds, bringing people from all corners of the globe together.

MEETING TIME: Wednesday, 6PM at Gregory Hall 205

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Hitomi Nakamura | VP of Pangaea

Hitomi is a Junior in Advertising and will be the Vice President of Pangaea. As Vice President, she is responsible in overseeing the all client teams and the planning of agency meetings. As a past member of Pangaea, she is excited to further see how the agency will grow.

Daniel Lira | Pangaea Account Director

Daniel is the Account Director for Pangaea 2018-2019. His responsibilities include gathering clients for his committee in order for Pangaea, the multicultural committee, to advertise for the clients in anyway possible.

Elena Gatti | Pangaea Creative Director

Taking on the role of Pangaea’s creative director allowed Elena to help be a leader and creative example for members. Elena always knew she wanted to further explore her creative skills in college through studying advertising. Elena is a passionate student, photographer as well as artist and finds her inspiration through nature and humans themselves.

Our Work

BrewLab Coffee

BrewLab Coffee on campus is in direct competition with other coffee shops such as Starbucks and Espresso Royale. During the holiday season, BrewLab wanted to compete with Starbucks’ iconic holiday cup design. In response to their request, Pangaea created a letter structured stamp design to decorate their cup sleeves. The letter format was intended to allow the opportunity for friends to share notes to each other. Through using a letter format, it makes the receiver of the drink a personal and memorable experience.



Ikenberry Rainbow Connection

Ikenberry Rainbow Connection (IRC) is a university housing group that strives to provide social and emotional support for the members of the LGBTQIA community. In partnership with Pangaea, a logo design was created for the residence hall group.

Please contact hnakam2@illinois.edu to learn more about how we can assist you in your branding and advertising needs.