Executive Board Spotlight – Tianna Lutz

By Minju Park

Tianna Lutz, a senior in advertising, is the current Vice President of AAF’s On the House agency. Hailing from her hometown of Pekin, IL, Tianna stated that she is the first in her immediate family to attend college, so her journey towards success has not been easy.

“Choosing a school and a major was not easy,” said Tianna.

During her freshman year in the Division of General Studies, Tianna had intentions to apply for business, but taking an Intro to Advertising course changed her mind to pursue advertising instead. 

In that same Intro to Advertising course, her professor, Steve Hall, introduced Tianna to AAF, and she joined her sophomore year. Since then, Tianna has been heavily involved with AAF, providing her with a lot of benefits to prepare for the advertising field.

“AAF helped me gain experience in multiple advertising roles and ultimately decide which one I fit into most and hope to pursue post-graduation,” she said.

Tianna recalls that her favorite memory from AAF was the AAF Formal at Chester Street Bar the previous year. “Although I didn’t know many people attending, everyone was so care-free and fun that nobody seemed like strangers,” said Tianna.  

Besides advertising, Tianna is also passionate about improving the foster care system after experiencing her own parents fostering multiple children of their own.

“We’ve witnessed the struggles of the children and weaknesses of the system,” she said. “I hope to someday change the lives of children by giving them a better home and ultimately improve the foster system and the homes available.”

Tianna advises underclassmen to “schedule effectively and prioritize” the time that they have in college in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered at the University.

“Don’t underestimate the time you have in college,” advised Tianna. “Since my freshman year, I’ve tried out many different RSO’s, stuck with the ones I enjoyed, and I’ve had a job and a couple internships on campus.”

 After graduation, Tianna plans to move to Chicago to work for a small agency. Her future dream is to live in New York and work for BuzzFeed.