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Midnight Oil

Full-Service Agency

Midnight Oil is a student-run advertising agency on campus, offering free advertising and branding services to local businesses in Champaign-Urbana. 

We partner with local businesses to build awareness by reinforcing their brands’ identity, strengthen engagement with their target market, and boost sales through research and strategically-driven creative executions. 

Midnight Oil specializes in social media engagement, experiential marketing, graphic designing (brochures, business cards, logos, etc.), website designing, small scale video-production, photoshoots, guerrilla marketing and much more.!

Our members are passionate about creating and collaborating. They think differently. They strive to work for the work that has never been done before. They aspire to make an impact and learn through tangible work experience. 

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Ellie Hahn | Creative Director for Midnight Oil

Ellie Hahn is the Creative Director of Midnight Oil this year. She will be responsible for leading and inspiring a mighty crew of creatives... most times with an iced vanilla coffee in hand. When she's not plotting out her next ad campaign in aaf, you'll find her mural-making with friends or riding her bike around campus.

Chirag Khushalani | VP of Midnight Oil

Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Chirag brings a passion for problem-solving, working in diverse teams and a profound love for Chicken Shawarmas. As the President, he aspires to create a collaborative culture and make Midnight Oil a worthwhile experience for its clients & members. On random nights, you’ll find Chirag bankrupting MoviePass, riding the rail and planning his birthday in NOLA before his visa expires.

Atil Malak | Account Director for Midnight Oil


Atil Malak is a rising senior and the Account Director of Midnight Oil. Atil is the main contact between Midnight Oil and their clients, he also oversees the work done by each client team and makes sure expectations are met. Atil, along with Chirag and Ellie, run the weekly meetings for Midnight Oil where members collaborate and learn from one another.

Our Work

Cracked 's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

What’s a better combination than Easter and a restaurant for egg-aficionados? During the festive season of Easter, we spread joy in the Champaign-Urbana community by organizing a campus-wide hunt in search for an egg with coupons hidden inside it and promoting it on social media channels.

This annual Easter Egg hunt continues to raise awareness about the restaurant’s location on Green Street, drive footfall to the brick and mortar and encourage customers to try new items on the menu and find more reasons to become a regular customer.

Budget: <$100


Jarling's "Flavor of the Week"

People love trying something new! Amidst all the choices, they also love recommendations! Through multiple social media posts and a cover photo, Jarling’s was able to being the first option in its customers’ mind by raising awareness on the weekly specials and driving footfall to the location.  

Budget: $0

Champaign Outdoors

Midnight Oil was tasked with raising awareness about Champaign Outdoors' recent efforts in rebranding itself through a new name and a change in location. 

This video reminds viewers of the authenticity, comfort and excellence, Champaign Outdoors continuously strives for through its products and services in creating an unmatched experience for each of its customers who seek a bang for their buck. 

Budget: $0

Please contact to learn more about how we can assist you in your branding and advertising needs.