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National Student Advertising Competition

The National Student Advertising Competition is an annual competition for college students to create a full campaign for a real client. Members of the UIUC NSAC team include researchers, strategists, creatives, media personnel, and designers, and come from a wide array of majors and grade levels. Each year, the efforts of our NSAC team members culminate in a full presentation in front of real clients and AAF judges. From its open and holistic approach to the development of a full campaign, NSAC is often called the most true-to-the-industry experience a college student can participate in outside of real agency work.

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Lucas Simes | VP of NSAC

Lucas is a senior majoring in advertising. As Project Manager and Creative Director of NSAC, he hopes to lead this year's team in the development of a phenomenal and unique campaign. Although he is a lifelong Chicago native, Lucas did not know what Portillo's was until just last year.

John Klages III | NSAC Research Director

John is a senior studying Advertising. He joined AAF his freshman year working on the research team for the Snapple, Tai Pei Frozen Foods, and Ocean Spray Campaigns. He is planning on going straight to law school after graduating, with hopes of a potential career in trademark, media, or employment law.

Abby Deyhle | NSAC Strategy Director

Abby is a driven, organized and dependable being fueled by curiosity, passion, and iced coffee. As Strategy Director for the National Student Advertising Competition her main responsibilities include overseeing the strategy division on the NSAC team and finding key insights through research to drive the campaign strategy. She is also a fitness fanatic, DIY and Up-cycling enthusiast, and caffeine addict.

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Angela Wang | NSAC Media Director

Angela is passionate about both the analytical side and the creative side of Advertising. As the Media Director of NSAC, she collaborates with other directors and oversees the media team in developing media strategy, planning media schedule and allocating budget for the NSAC campaign. She's also a travel enthusiast and sashimi lover.

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Our Work

Plansbook [Ocean Spray]

The first half of the final score of the competition comes from the plansbook.  It encompasses everything that was done during the entire campaign from the initial research to the final creative execution.  Unlike the presentation, this book showcases in greater detail all the steps taken to reach the end result.

Presentation Deck [Ocean Spray]

The other half of the final score of the competition comes from the presentation.  This dock was used during the Ocean Spray campaign presentation and acted as a visual tool for the presenters to use and reference.  The presentation is performed in front of both judges and other competitors before a brief Q & A.

Please contact nsacillinois@gmail.com to learn more and ask any questions about NSAC.